The scaremongering has started! Please beware!

As we expected, following BT’s* announcement regarding the switch off their Analogue (PSTN) and ISDN line networks by 2025, telecoms companies are taking advantage of schools!

We are hearing from schools that are being misinformed by various telecoms companies about what their options are and when they need to take action. Some companies are advising schools that the BT switch off is happening earlier to enable them to sign schools into new contracts and sell new phone systems. We have also had schools tell us that they’ve been told not to worry as BT doesn’t own their lines as they bill them for them. A school’s Analogue and ISDN lines might be billed by a 3rd party telecoms company, but unless the lines belong to a cable company such as Virgin they will be on BT’s line network and will be affected by the BT switch off.

So, here’s a few statements, that should help clear up any misunderstanding (or misguidance!)


  • BT* have announced that they are switching off their analogue and ISDN line networks by 2025
  • TRUE
  • By 2021, BT* will cease taking further orders for new ISDN and Analogue lines
  • TRUE
  • Schools will need to make changes to their phone systems and other devices connected to Analogue and ISDN lines before the switch off
  • TRUE
  • You will need to replace your telephone system now
  • If you do not renew your existing contract immediately you risk being cut off
  • TGE Solutions, as Independent Advisors are here to help, by providing expert, honest advice, tailored to you school
  • TRUE
  • TGE Solutions can provide information and expertise on what action is required and when so that you can plan and budget accordingly for the BT switch off
  • TRUE

 What’s the best and safest plan of action?

The impact on the level of change and investment required will depend on your existing telecoms infrastructure.  It may seem a long time away, but it is important to start planning now, to check contracts and notice periods, to understand your options and ensure budget is allocated for any line upgrades and technology changes.

So don’t make any knee jerk reactions as a result of scaremongering tactics.  Please remember, we are only a phone call or email away, we are here to help and ensure you get it right.

 *NB BT Openreach own most of the UK’s telecoms line network, so even if you are with a different provider, this is still likely to apply to your school.


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