Attention all Stockport Schools – Broadband Renewal Deadline

Broadband Renewal – Action Required

You may have already been informed that the Local Authority Broadband contract for Stockport Schools is due for renewal in November 2019.  Therefore, you may need to advise the local authority if you wish to proceed with their new broadband, firewall and filtering contract by May 2019.

 What this means to you.  What next?

In a time of ever decreasing budgets it is important for your school to benefit from Broadband that is best value, fit for purpose, reliable and compliant with the DfE.  That means establishing what exactly is available and what is right for your school. Not an easy task.

We are an Independent Telecoms & IT Advisory company and have over 600 school customers having helped procure savings on their annual telecom’s & IT expenditure in excess of £1m a year. By using our service, you will benefit from our expertise and independent advice.

 Making an informed decision on the best solution

We are launching a service to help schools in Stockport with the procurement of broadband, firewall and filtering contracts. I should stress that we only act in an advisory capacity – we do not sell any telecoms, broadband or IT products or services. This project is therefore not designed to take business away from the local authority, instead it provides a benchmarking exercise to allow you to compare solutions and pricing from different providers so that you, your team and your governors can make an informed decision on the best solution for your school.

Trust in what we do

We only procure from education specific internet service providers who fully understand schools needs and who all specialise in supplying broadband solutions to the education sector. Their filtering and firewall solutions, which are critical to the security and safeguarding of your children, adhere to recognised industry standards and comply with the Government guidelines set out by the Department for Education in September 2016.

Most recently, as part of the North Yorkshire Broadband Procurement Project, we helped a Multi Academy Trust (13 schools), establish huge savings in excess of £220,000 over a 3 year contract.  In addition, following the overwhelming success of a recent Group Cost Saving Procurement Project for Stockport schools, we are now working on our 2nd project, helping Stockport schools to make savings on their telecom’s expenditure.

Don’t miss the deadline

The deadline is fast approaching, so please let us know ASAP if this is something you would like to discuss further.  You can drop us a line at or call the office on 01937 420052.

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