Cost Saving Audit

The challenges facing schools are growing. Schools are required to become more business-like, as they are faced with ever decreasing budgets, putting pressure on School Business Leaders to identify savings and cut costs.

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The Hurdles

97% of schools are being overcharged for their telecom’s products and services, the main reasons for this are:

How to cross the Finish Line

Our Cost Saving Audits identify areas where savings can be made. We do all the work so there is minimal impact on your time. This service is financially risk free, guaranteed to save you money and covers the following areas:

Our experience and procurement methods ensure that we can always source lower pricing than schools can achieve themselves. Whilst price is important, we only procure from reputable suppliers, so that quality and service levels are maintained.

As an Academy School we are committed to ensuring that we get value for money on all products and services that we purchase. Following a recommendation, we employed TGE Solutions to carry out an audit of our telecoms estate. We were amazed by the results of the audit, immediate savings of over £2,500 per year were found and recommendations on how we could make further cost savings in the future were provided. We believed that we already had competitive contracts in place, it just goes to show the benefits of employing a company like TGE Solutions.

Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust/St Aidans CE High School, Harrogate

Clare Dowson
Finance Manager

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We would recommend that you look at our 2025 Telecoms Planning Audit in addition to the Cost savings audit, to ensure your school is prepared for the PSTN and ISDN line switch off. Click on the links below to discover our range of services: