2025 Telecoms Planning Audit

BT* has announced they will switch off their PSTN and ISDN line networks by 2025.

This will have a major impact on most schools across the UK, PSTN and ISDN lines will be ceased, and equipment connected to them will need to be replaced or upgraded.

It is important that schools prepare for this in good time.

*BT Openreach own the majority of the UK’s telecoms line network, so even if you are with a different provider, this will still apply to your school

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The Hurdles

How to cross the Finish Line

Our 2025 Planning Audit will be conducted by our team of experts and provides:

TGE Solutions carried out a telecoms audit and were able to save us money on our existing contract, which more than covered the costs of the audit. Additionally, they have recently carried out a telephone procurement ahead of the BT analogue switch-off and have again been able to reduce our call charges. I would definitely recommend you speak to any one of the fantastic team they have; I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the savings you will make.

Archbishop Temple School, Fulwood, Preston

Vicki Hayward
School Business Manager

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