“I was introduced to TGE solutions through LASBM. Phil carried out a telecoms audit which required no effort from me, all I had to do was provide some existing telephone bills.  They sought out different telecoms companies to find the most competitive deal for our schools. As we are a PFI school it soon became apparent that before my arrival in this post, the school has been left with some very high telecoms charges through BT that were not set up with a school in mind.  We were recommended a company and we switched, saving the school a phenomenal £7,314 in 2017/18 compared to the previous year. This was therefore of course worth every penny of the fee we paid. TGE Solutions also assisted us in changing our mobile phone contracts, which was again effortless on my part as they did all the work. I would recommend any school to provide their telephone bills, you might be a horror story like I was. Nothing ventured nothing gained! “

Blackburn Central High School

Nicola Chester

School Business Manager

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