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We are very pleased to have started working with Schools in 3 new locations over the last 2 months to help them reduce costs on their telecoms. We are also offering advice to a number of customers on procurement services where schools are considering the purchase of a new telephone system.

Following the success of our group telecoms procurement projects in North Yorkshire and Lancashire, we have recently closed a project for Schools in Bradford in addition to attending conferences for Schools North East and South Yorkshire School Business Managers.

TGE Solutions specialises in helping schools to reduce costs on their telecoms expenditure through our telecoms audits. Our audits look at phone line rentals, call charges, telephone system maintenance, internet lines and mobile contracts. After analysing your bills, we will highlight in our report areas where savings can be made and how much. It is important to stress that we do not sell any telecoms contracts, we only offer advice. When Schools join forces to procure as a group, their buying power is increased, driving down pricing on telephone line rentals and call charges. The cluster group cost savings exercises include a review of all telecoms expenditure within the schools to see where savings can be made.

Our Managing Director Phillip Allum commented on the new Partnerships: “As an independent telecoms advisory business we have a wealth of experience gained from working with over 250 schools. My team and I are looking forward to building a strong relationship with Schools in Bradford, South Yorkshire and the North East to ensure that schools are procuring the best telecoms solutions at the best prices.”

If you would like to join a group cost saving audit or have any questions, please contact us on 01937 547090 or by email to info@tgesolutions.co.uk

We look forward to helping you free up some spare funds for your school.


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