How to unlock the full potential of your school’s phone system

Why Consider Enhancing Your School’s Phone System?

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern education, a robust phone system is not just a communication tool; it’s a key asset for improving connectivity, simplifying management, enhancing security, aiding safeguarding, and of course, reducing costs.

Common Challenges We Observe:

We regularly audit schools and often find that they are not fully leveraging the features offered by their phone systems. This oversight frequently stems from salespeople lacking insight into the operational dynamics and unique challenges that schools encounter. Consequently, schools end up with poorly performing phone systems that lack essential features.

As the BT Network Switch Off fast approaches in 2025, it becomes imperative for schools to reassess their phone systems. Considering this, I would like to highlight key features that schools can benefit from when procuring a new phone system or optimising your existing one.

Key Features to Unlock:

  1. Free Calls: Embrace the digital era and say goodbye to unnecessary telephony expenses with free call charges on modern phone systems.
  2. Auto Attendant: Enhance caller experience with a recorded greeting offering a menu of options, providing seamless call routing.
  3. Voicemail Upgrade: Modern phone systems elevate voicemail, turning it into a powerful tool for reporting child and staff absences, notifying key staff, and even providing voicemail boxes for teaching staff without the need for a handset.
  4. Call Recording: Safeguard sensitive conversations by selectively recording calls, saving them locally or on your school MIS or CPOMS systems.
  5. Lockdown/Evacuation Calls: Swiftly communicate during critical situations with strategically placed handsets, activated with a dedicated lockdown/evacuation button. Connect public address systems for broader communication.
  6. Mobile Apps & Softphones: Complement desk handsets with software solutions, enabling key staff to be easily reached on their preferred devices (mobiles or laptops).

Selecting the Right Phone System:

Choosing the right phone system is no easy feat. From our audits, we’ve found that 97% of schools were overpaying for their telephony services. In our professional opinion, only about 10% of the phone systems in the UK market today are suitable for schools, considering price, functionality, and longevity.

About TGE Solutions?

TGE Solutions is dedicated to saving schools money as the UK’s leading Audit and Procurement provider to the Education sector, specialising in Telecoms, ICT and Broadband. With an outstanding reputation built on successful partnerships with over 1,000 schools and 50+ Multi Academy Trusts, we’ve collectively saved schools over £10 million.

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