The Importance Of Getting Broadband Contract Renewals Right

It is more important than ever that schools review their Broadband requirements and contracts to ensure suitability and best value.

Over the past 18 months we have seen increased demands placed on School Broadband connections as a result of COVID-19.  Remote working of staff and students coupled with video calls have created the perfect storm, eating away at valuable bandwidth, resulting in slower connection speeds.

The need for increased bandwidth will continue to grow over the coming years as more services and software move to the Cloud and as the BT Network Switch Off looms ever closer. All of this means that you should review your requirements as soon as possible!

Please note:

If your Broadband contract renewal is due in March / April 2022 you need to act now!

Some highspeed broadband connections (leased lines) can take 3 to 4 months to be installed, therefore orders will need to be placed with your broadband provider before the Christmas holidays.

 Don’t make the typical Broadband procurement mistake

Your Broadband, Firewall and Web Filtering is critical to the smooth operation of your school, for teaching and keeping children safe online. Many School Business Leaders lack knowledge in this area, so tend to stick with the Local Authority or an incumbent provider through fear of making a bad decision.

As a result, most schools overpay for Firewall and Web Filtering solutions that are unsuitable.

Take all the worry away by using our School Broadband Procurement Service to ensure you make the right decisions.

School Broadband Procurement Service – What it means to you!

  • Our team of experts are on your side, ensuring you make the right decision
  • We do all the work, saving you time
  • We ensure you procure the right solution for your current and future needs
  • We only procure from Education specialists
  • We only procure solutions that comply with the DfE online child safeguarding guidelines
  • Many schools benefit from faster Broadband speeds and reduce costs

Why TGE Solutions?

We are proud of our excellent reputation throughout the Education sector, having now helped over 800 schools achieve combined savings in excess of £4 Million. Our Mission is to put money back into Children’s education by providing expert, honest advice tailored to your school.

Our friendly team of experts are here to help you. For further information or to arrange a meeting please email us at or call us on 01937 420052.

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