The Pitfalls of Buying a New Telephone System

It is often apparent from discussions with businesses that they need a lot of help when purchasing a new telephone system. Frequently they do not have the knowledge or understanding of the technology that is required to meet their needs. Most telecoms companies only add to this confusion with salespeople bamboozling customers with telecoms jargon and acronyms. This leaves businesses confused and often unsure if what they are being sold will actually meet their needs.

The other issue that faces businesses is that their typical route to market is to use their existing supplier or find a local telecoms company on the internet. Problems often arise when telephone systems solutions are recommended that don’t necessarily meet the needs of the business. Instead the salesperson might have a limited range of products to sell and more often than not they will earn more commission from selling one product rather than another- It is often this product that is recommended!

You then have the issue of price. How do you know what you should pay for a telephone system and what is a fair price? It is not like buying a car or an electrical item where the price is readily available on the internet. Telephone systems can be complex, consisting of various hardware and software components and each one has a bespoke configuration to meet a business’s needs.

With this minefield of technical information that is difficult to understand and even more difficult to compare on a like for like basis, decisions are often made based on whether the buyer likes and trusts the salesperson or not! The telephone system and the ongoing support of it is one of the most crucial elements in any business, it is key that the right product is selected from the right provider.

We help businesses take a very different approach when sourcing a new telephone system, we do not sell / supply or install any telecoms products. Instead we work with businesses in an advisory capacity to understand their requirements, this helps us design a system specification that fits their needs. We then recommend which manufacturer’s products are best suited to their needs and which suppliers to obtain pricing from. We then vet the proposals to ensure that they are considered on a like for like basis to ensure the best product from the best provider is selected. Finally we help negotiate a fair price for the solution.

Ultimately our approach ensures that our clients find the best solutions from the best suppliers at the best prices.

Please contact us on 01937 547090 if you have any questions or would like us to pop in for a chat to see how we can help you.

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