The Silver Lining

“Unprecedented times”

Wow, we have certainly heard that phrase a lot,  but ‘unprecedented times’, they truly are. We could never have imagined at the beginning of the year that we would be now living in such surreal, challenging and quite simply upsetting and distressing times.

But as big and as black as the cloud is, it does have a silver lining…

• More time to do those jobs at home, that have never been done…until now.
• Dogs are in a new found heaven with their owners at home and getting more walks than ever before
• We have time to learn a new skill, language, read more
• We all now LOVE social media and the surge of sharing endless witty jokes and videos
• Positive environmental impacts with cleaner air and increased visibility
• Newly liberated wildlife

There are many more positives, which we should try think about while we cope with the negatives.


The Positives for Schools

Now as Schools are closed to most pupils, they have new challenges to face and cope with.
However, over the coming weeks, we hope there will be opportunities for schools and MATs to be able to focus on identifying areas of future savings and improving technologies. Areas that may well get overlooked as a result of the day to day school regime.

Free Guides

So, as a continued effort to support School Business Leaders we are providing them the opportunity to receive TWO FREE comprehensive Guides to help prevent their school from being exploited by telecom companies and free up some additional funds.

1. FREE ‘Learn their Game’ Schools Guide

A valuable insight into how telecom companies exploit Schools, and why 97% schools are being overcharged. It explains the procurement challenges facing School Business Leaders. It also includes our predictions on how the Coronavirus Lockdown is likely to affect the telecom industry and their relationship with schools.

Simply click here to receive your ‘Learn their Game’ School Guide


2. FREE ‘BT Network Switch Off. All Facts. No Fiction’ Schools Guide

Unfortunately, the Network Switch Off announcement has made schools extremely vulnerable and prime targets for ruthless telecom companies, to mis-sell and mis-advise them.


This FREE Guide provides a valuable insight into WHY it is necessary to plan for the switch off, WHAT action is required and WHEN it is required, in order to protect your school from being exploited.

Simply click here to receive your FREE ‘BT Network Switch Off ‘ School Guide 




Do take advantage of the Free Guides as we are confident they will be valuable and beneficial to you and your school.

Stay Positive.  Stay Safe.




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