Money Saving Offer for Schools and Academy Trusts

As part of our commitment to give excellent customer service and in order to achieve a better understanding of how we can help Schools and Academies reduce costs, we have spent many months now asking School Business Managers and Finance Directors about the issues they face, and most tell us that stretching budgets to meet all the demands on their services is nigh-on impossible.

Just as in the private sector, budgets are limited, so the cutting of costs and maximisation of budgets are demanded by the bodies that allocate funds to schools.
With this in mind, we have come up with a new offer to groups of schools such as Academy Trust Organisations and other School Business Manager groups who decide to audit their telecoms costs as a collective group project. As a group, their buying power is considerably increased and we are able to negotiate much lower rates with telecoms providers, which means additional savings for them.

We know that School Business Managers are often in touch with each other and may wish to benefit from the additional cost savings that can be obtained and so this offer is open to any group of schools who decide to review their costs at the same time.

Our advice on how to reduce costs and help ensure that education establishments are getting value for money from their current telecoms suppliers, is independent and impartial.

Why not let us find your School a better deal on Telecoms Costs- Give us a call on 01937 547090 or email for more information or to book an appointment.

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