Working with Schools in Yorkshire

Many of you will already know that we have been working hard with Schools in Yorkshire over the last 8 months to free up funds from their allocated budget so that they are able to reinvest in other areas of the curriculum.

Generally speaking, the easiest place to find savings is with the Telecoms, although on occasion we have been asked to review other areas where costs can be cut. We are passionate about helping to find better deals and savings for the schools we work with and they benefit from working with a company that really cares about its customers.

As an independent consultancy, we can review all aspects of a Schools Telecoms including what cost savings can be made on telephone line rentals, calls and maintenance contracts. Every school we have worked with to date, has saved money, and our customers are delighted with the results.

We know that education establishments want to ensure that they are getting value for money and we can review current contracts and agreements, taking the hassle away from the Head of School or Business Manager. Our customers tell us that they do not have the time to manage their contracts and shop around for better deals, and this is where we can help, saving them time and money. With expert knowledge and the freedom to explore the marketplace we are able to find the best products and services at the best price! We do not sell to our customers, but simply offer advice on how savings can be made and every single school we have worked with to date, has made significant savings.

The feedback from Schools that we have already saved money for has been excellent- If you know a School or College that could benefit, please contact our office on 01937 547090 or ask them to give us a call!

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