New Girl on the block!

We have recently had a new addition to the team and thought it would be valuable to hear her views on how we are helping Schools reduce their costs. Over to Rachel…………..

What a great introduction to Education as an ‘Industry’, not just from a parent’s perspective I received recently, when I attended the Yorkshire School Business Leaders Conference. It was informative, interesting with a pleasantly surprising fun element too. It was great to meet so many School Business Managers doing a fantastic job within their Schools.

I have two girls, aged 10 and 8 years and like the majority of loving parents, they are the most important thing in the world to their dad and I.  We want the best for them and that includes doing well at school and getting a great education.  So, when I first applied for the part-time job with TGE Solutions and found out what they do for schools I was not only impressed, but also shocked.

I was shocked at the number of schools that are being overcharged for products and services! Money that should be being used to educate and help develop our precious little ones is in fact, unnecessarily lining the pockets of many telecoms and utility suppliers.

I would describe myself as an honest, genuine and trustworthy person.  I am not a natural salesperson – but when you believe in something and know that it could make a difference – that something should sell itself!  So, when I accepted the job as Sales Support I knew I could help make a difference to schools.

TGE Solutions, very simply, offer advice (we don’t sell!) to schools, to ensure that they are procuring the correct products and services at the best prices.  We generally focus on telecoms as through experience of working with over 400 schools across the North of England, we know that 29 out of 30 schools are being over charged.

Here at TGE Solutions, we are a small – but lovely team and I love my new job.  I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for what I consider to be a very genuine company, with a very genuine intention to help schools save money, enabling them to invest what little money they have in the first place to give our children the best education possible.

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