As an Approved Partner for several School Business Manager Groups in the North of England, we have worked with hundreds of schools, and know that the complexities surrounding the procurement of telecoms products and services can place School Business Managers in a vulnerable position. The main problems SBMs face are because of their multi-faceted role and time constraints which make it impossible to gain a high level of telecoms knowledge. It is therefore difficult for them to know which companies to approach and what products and services are best suited to their school.  The problem is compounded further when it comes to accurately comparing products and prices on a like for like basis.

When looking at products and services there are literally thousands to choose from and numerous ways to implement and pay for them. Telephone systems provide a wide array of features and technologies, they can be cloud based or installed in your school.  There are numerous types of phone lines available; some companies provide free call packages (although there is no such thing as a free call) and others charge for each call made.  The mobile industry has seen significant changes recently, making it easier to create tailor-made packages to suit each school’s individual requirements.

Most telecoms companies only supply products and services from one or two manufacturers; the problem with this when inviting companies to quote is knowing if the products and services they provide are suitable for your school.

We have a different approach to helping schools as we do not sell any telecoms products. Instead we work purely on your behalf in an advisory capacity to help schools procure new telephone systems.  First, we design a solution that is right for your school, we then write the tender documentation, make recommendations on suitable products and suppliers, review all the proposals, and ultimately ensure you are buying the best product from the best company at the best price. Alongside this, we also offer an audit service to check that you are not being overcharged on phone line rentals, call traffic, mobile contracts and telephone system maintenance contracts and broadband.

If you are looking to purchase a new telephone system or simply need advice on how to reduce costs, please contact us by email at or by phone on 01937 547090.

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