Warning: Some Telecoms Companies are using the BT Network Switch Off to exploit Schools.

It is likely that the BT Network Switch Off will force you to upgrade or replace your phone system and change the type of lines you currently use. With this in mind, we are updating our Schools Customer records so that we can advise you on the best course of action to take in preparation for this. We want to help our customers to make sure that they are not exploited by these Telecoms Companies who are using the BT Switch off as an opportunity to miss- sell into schools.

We already have lots of information for many of our Schools Customers, but would like to ensure that our records are fully updated with the age and type of your phone systems, type of lines installed, any mobile phone contract details, Broadband supplier and renewal date and who your current IT support is with so that we can build a picture of your telecoms estate and offer help where it is needed, either now or in the years to come so that everything is in ship shape before the BT switch off.

We will be calling all our School Customers to fill in the gaps in our records and make sure that we have the information needed so that we can help but this is going to take some time so please do drop us a line at info@tgesolutions.co.uk or give us a call on 01937 420052 with your telecoms info and contract end dates if you have a moment to help us out.

Q and A’s

Do you need to replace your phone system? Depending on the type of phone system you have installed and its age, you may not need to replace it. For salespeople to earn commission they need to sell and therefore are likely to tell you that your phone system needs replacing even if it doesn’t.

What type of phone system should you purchase? Systems can either be hosted (cloud) in data centres or installed in your school. Making the wrong choice for your choice can be very costly.

What features do you require? Most telecom companies don’t understand the requirements of schools. Modern phone systems can provide “lockdown” solutions, call recording etc. Getting the right guidance is key to you making the right decision

Do Schools possess the required knowledge? School Business Leaders have very busy roles and lack the time required to fully understand the telecoms market.

What is the cost of making the wrong decision? The cost of making the wrong decision when upgrading or replacing a phone system can run in to the thousands.

Why We Launched The 2025 Planning Audit:

In the past 12 months we have seen a huge increase in the number of schools being targeted by telecoms companies using scaremongering tactics, often giving false information about facts relating to the BT Network Switch Off in an attempt to get schools to change their phone systems.

Our Cost Saving Audits and Procurement Services didn’t quite hit the mark, so we set about designing a new service to help schools tackle the problem and help to stop them being exploited. Our 2025 Planning Audit was launched in April 2019, the service has been incredibly well received by our customers with over 200 schools benefiting from the service by the end of last year.

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