Why 97% of Schools are Overpaying for Technology

In today’s tech-driven education landscape, we understand the challenges schools face in navigating complex telecoms, broadband, and ICT services. Our research from auditing over 1,000 schools has identified a staggering reality – 97% of schools are overpaying for their technology.

Key Challenges:

  1. Knowledge Gap

School Business Leaders juggle multiple responsibilities, making informed decisions about technology challenging. The abundance of options, from free to expensive, low quality to high quality, and unsuitable to suitable, further complicates accurate comparisons of quotations.

  1. Time Constraints

Time is a precious resource for School Business Leaders. Overwhelmed with responsibilities, they often lack the time to conduct thorough research, leaving schools vulnerable to overcharging.

  1. Supplier Tactics

Certain companies capitalise on schools, overcharging and pushing unnecessary products. Unreviewed contracts may lead to unforeseen costs or challenging auto-renewal clauses.

  1. Lack of Expert Advice

Schools rarely seek expert independent advice, relying solely on IT support providers and telecoms vendors. This limits understanding of the market and in some cases may breach procurement protocols.

  1. Constant Changes

Staying current with evolving technology, along with the Department for Education’s (DfE) updates, is a constant challenge.

  1. Audits and Reviews

Many schools overlook the need for regular technology audits, potentially overpaying for outdated services. TGE Solutions advocates a proactive approach, aligning with the DfE’s latest standards concerning implementing a Technology Strategy that is reviewed annually.


The challenge of overspending on technology is multifaceted. TGE Solutions is here to assist. Our comprehensive audits have collectively saved schools over £10 million. Let’s empower your school to make informed decisions, optimise costs, and invest in the future of our children.

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