Fake News or Fact – It is vital that your school knows the truth

Did you know that schools in the UK are being targeted by telecoms companies, many of whom are spreading Fake News about the Telecoms Network Switch Off. Schools are being misinformed to force them into changing their phone systems, often to technologies that aren’t suitable, are overpriced or at a time that isn’t right. Here is what you need to know:

  • The Telecoms Network Switch Off is happening this year – FAKE NEWS
  • Your phone lines are going to be switched off – FAKE NEWS
  • You must act now – FAKE NEWS
  • You must move to a cloud/hosted phone system – FAKE NEWS
  • Changing your phone system will save you money – FAKE NEWS


While it is true that the Network Switch Off will take place, here are a few facts that you should know:

  • The Network Switch Off comprises of all analogue (PSTN) and ISDN lines and will take place by December 2025 – FACT
  • It isn’t just phone systems that will be affected, some alarm, broadband, boiler, door intercom and lift lines will also be affected – FACT
  • Most schools will need to upgrade or change their phone systems – FACT
  • When a school should change their phone system is dependent on the make and model, it’s age, contractual obligations and budgets – FACT
  • There have never been so many phone systems to choose from – FACT
  • Only 10-15% of phone systems on the market are suitable for schools, this is based on functionality, price and longevity – FACT
  • There has never been a more difficult time for schools to procure a phone system – FACT


The good news is that we can help. As independent telecoms and broadband advisors to schools and MAT’s we have helped over 800 schools to prepare for the Network Switch Off and procure new phone systems, collectively saving them more than £4m.

Our first step is to let you know if/when you need to change or upgrade your phone system. Then when the time is right for you, we can assist you with the phone system procurement project. Our procurement service will ensure:

  • Your new phone system is carefully designed to meet your requirements
  • Tender documentation is issued to a minimum of three suitable telecoms companies
  • The most suitable phone system is sourced for your school
  • The phone system is supplied by a reputable company
  • The phone system is procured at the lowest possible price

Let us ensure that you make the right decisions for your school. Please call us on 01937 420052 or email info@tgesolutions.co.uk for more information.

P.S It is important that you check all your current telecoms contracts. Many telecoms companies have auto roll clauses hidden in their terms and conditions, it can cause major issues if you do get auto rolled!

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